White Shaker

29 June 2017 4:25

White shaker used in kitchen for multiple purposes
White shaker are materials that contain nickel or steel knobs and bin pulls it is used for a various purpose which will make your kitchen beautiful and stylish many companies design these kinds of products such as Vamg design studio. The company offers best white shaker kitchen products, which are attractive and modern.

Nowadays home decor is great priority for peoples all over the world, and kitchen is also the main part of the house which is necessary to decorate for us nowadays so we offer the product known as white shaker which is used for various use in kitchen like doors, cabinets of kitchen, etc. whether your style is vintage or modern, the material is very versatile in style and use.

White shaker as a kitchen cabinet
White shaker kitchen cabinets are a popular trend these days as a kitchen renovation because of the classic and simple look, which suits in every design whether it is contemporary or traditional design the shaker design was basically originated from American colonial era. White shaker consists of white color and clean and simple lines, which are best, suited for both contemporary designs as well as traditional design. Some trademark features of white shaker kitchen cabinet include flat panel doors with a rail like frames and have quality wood with sturdy construction and utilitarian designs as well. Shaker style cabinets often use high-quality local American woods traditionally originated in the northeastern US. Some examples of wood are cherry, hickory, maple etc. these type of cabinets often seems to have a natural wood finish, or they can be stained to bring to form the natural wood hues in darker color. White shaker cabinet give a light and airy feel that many contemporary homeowners wish for and along with it stainless steel stainless steel appliances and modern hardware is used to complete the look.

Ice white shaker kitchen cabinets
Ice white shaker kitchen cabinets will integrate a cool effect of style in any kitchen, we provide the cabinet at a very affordable price, and you should try opting them above or below the counter of your kitchen from a trustable company name like us. These shaker style cabinets give a pure white color that will surely brighten up your kitchen and you will feel heavenly once you will install it you will be the luckiest one because it will last as long as you will. Give your kitchen a marvelous addition today with these ice white shaker cabinets that will definitely leave a right impression. It has pure white painted MDF door and its finishing is Sherwin-Williams Green sure finish it is also a carb2 certified cabinet and it have recess like square in shape door panel, door center is also MDF, it has a full overlay and a butt door, and one of the most key features is it has an A-Grade plywood wall or base sides, it will provide soft closing doors and drawers as well as under mount and full extension drawer glides, and for a change it will also provide dovetail drawers too in case anybody want more stylish drawers and adjustable hinges.

White Shaker