Quartz Countertop

21 June 2017 0:45 Quartz Countertop

Want To Get Good-Looking Countertop Without Maintenance Hazards? Try This

In the past we used to looking for kitchen slabs made with only one type of stone or of fiber or wood. As the time passes and technology become more and more advance, we are blessed with various kitchen-friendly accessories with lots of unique design and texture.


When we are talking about kitchen, the main factor, which we are considering for this, is the countertop on which we generally place a lots of materials sometime heavy or light depending on our accessibility. Here we as VAMG Design Studio comes with your all types problem-solving material and guarantees a solid accessory for your dream kitchen. Quartz countertop is such kind of kitchen essentials, which is made from one of the hardest mineral of the earth.

Who we are:

We are an award winning design studio who are offering our customers mainly designs services as well as a variety of cabinet for every project you can imagine whether it is builder grade or with full custom and unique designs. We don’t make any hurry instead take much time to understand each of yours individual needs and after clarifying the overall goals of the project and by identifying your wish list; we establish such working budget to make sure the realistic expectations about everyone’s role in the project. We always try to establish a clear expectation with such agreement of trust that follow that building trust is the best way to start our working relationship. We are assuring developing a lasting relationship, which results in repeat business with us.

About the product

Quartz countertops are undoubtedly the most solid and durable option for kitchens. They're also having a very eye-catching design. We are offering a wide variety of colors, like fire-engine red and apple green, earthy browns, blacks, and creams and we are trying to use sparkles and veining to give the perfect look of granite or marble. But the natural-stone slabs generally found in mine, and these slabs are making and prepared in a factory. The primary ingredient of any quartz countertop is ground quartz which is present in there about of 94 percent and we are combining it with polyester resins to bind it properly and use pigments to give it various color. For some designs, we are using a small amount of recycled glass or any metallic flecks to the mix.

Why choose us

VAMG Design studio is an extension part of the Virginia Marble and granite whose main motto is to provide full-equipped showroom and having range of all of your kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity or outdoor space. We are offering various products, which match with any project style. Our all-stone countertops are manufactured by using all latest technology to ensure proper fitment and perfect outlook for your house corners. We are promising the total renovation of house with the finest of quality of materials and having largest selection in the DC metro area. So, you can choose us not for only what we are but for also what we are promising to make your house more appealing